What Is Meso?

Meso is a convenient, trendy coworking space that provides a fun community office environment in downtown Sioux Falls. Meso serves the community in two distinct ways. One, it provides a low cost/low risk yet high value office option for full time members, while celebrating a collaborative coworking atmosphere. Two, Meso is the perfect destination for individuals and companies looking for an energetic and convenient part time office space.

So What Exactly is Coworking?

Coworking is the gathering of a group of people who work independently and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space. While the term coworking is somewhat new, the idea of it is classically proven to succeed. From the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia to the small rural towns of the early 20th Century, people and their communities have always worked together. However, with the changing times of the Industrial Revolution, invention of assembly lines, and creation of isolating cubicles, collaboration in the community and work place has become virtually extinct. Thankfully in recent years, with huge strides in technology, social networking, and mobile devices, the ideals of community and collaboration are now stronger than ever. To Meso, that’s what coworking is all about, working independently together.

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Coworking is about creativity, community, and collaboration, and is only as successful as the members who create it.  Below, you'll find the full time members of Meso.  Click on their links and get to know them, they're innovative and forward thinking companies that are doing awesome things for our community.

As a full time member of Meso, you will of course be promoting your business to the other members of the space, but more importantly to the entire community.  Meso is located on one of the most well trafficked and coveted blocks in downtown Sioux Falls, creating great top of mind brand awareness for your company.  If you think you have what it takes to join the coworking movement, give us a shout at info@workmeso.com.

Our full-time members include:


Membership Types

  1. Individual Nomad


    • office business mailing address
    • table & bar height seating
    • 24/7 secured access
    • 2 hrs of conference room access weekly
    • discounted additional hourly conference room rates
    • full teleconference room access
    • 20% event space discount
  2. Company Nomad


    • All the benefits of the nomad membership included
    • 3 hrs of conference room access weekly
    • Perfect for medium-sized, mobile companies and organizations
    • For businesses of 4 or more people save money with the company membership
  3. Full-Time Member

    $275/Mo. (full-time)

    • personal business mailing address
    • fully furnished desk space
    • personal lockable file cabinet
    • 24/7 secured access
    • unlimited conference room access
    • free hosting of events in Meso
    • 2 desks for $425/mo. & 3 for $550/mo.


Throwing a party or planning an event? Meso’s space is available for personal, business, or community functions. With 2300 sq.ft. of open entertaining space, classic modern décor, vintage wood floors, 20 ft. ceilings, kitchen, audio and visual equipment, and an awesome downtown location, Meso is a perfect spot for your function. Events held must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Events must be conducted after business hours unless otherwise approved. Meso rents out at $100 an hour. There is a minimum charge for events of $100 and a maximum charge capped at $500. Reasonable clean up is the responsibility of the event holder. Nomad members receive a 25% discount on event rates. Full time members receive a 75% discount on event rates under the same rules as paying event holders.

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